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Tips To Keeping A Rat Infestation At Bay

Having a rat infestation can be one of the most frustrating experiences. These critters will typically infest areas where they can get a constant food supply. Therefore, you can find them in a commercial building or in a residential structure. If you have undergone a pest inspection and taken measures to eradicate the rats, it would be prudent to try to keep your premises pest free. Here are some pest control tips to keep a rat infestation at bay.

Keep the premises spick and span

The first step to effective pest control is ensuring that you are living in a clean environment. Rats thrive in rubbish and trash. You would have to employ correct waste segregation to ensure that the rats do not find a home in your rubbish. This means separating your dry and wet organic waste and appropriately disposing of it, thus denying the rats a food source. You should also ensure that you maintain clean standards in the kitchen. Once you have prepared any food, you should get rid of the remains, clean the preparation area and not leave any crumbs lying around.

Store food items in air sealed containers

Rats are attracted to any food that is left open. To ensure effective pest control, you would have to make proper arrangements for all your leftover food. Instead of leaving it lying around on kitchen counters, you should invest in plastic containers with tight lids that you can put the leftover food in. You should also put all leftovers in the fridge, as the rats will not be able to gain access to them.

Cover up all cracks and crevices in and out of the premises

Rats are quite limber pests. They can squeeze themselves in all sorts of tight spots and get through without harming themselves. Thus, for effective pest control, ensure that all holes in around your home are sealed. You should also pay special attention to all ventilation airways as they could also use these vents to gain access into your house. By covering the vents with a mesh that has extremely tiny holes, you will be ensuring that rats cannot gain entry into your residence.

Invest in physical and chemical barriers

You could also choose to combine both physical pest control measures as well as poisonous measures. Rattraps have stood the test of time due to the fact that they are highly effective in catching these rodents. Some of the rat traps you could consider include snap traps, glue traps or live animal traps. You could also invest in some rat poison. However, extra precaution should be taken during the placement of rat poison, especially if there are children and pets on the premises.

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