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4 productivity tips for property managers to adopt

Even as you focus on being productive, you can easily be weighed down by all of the numerous responsibilities as a property manager. Succeeding in property management doesn't only focus on working very fast, but also working efficiently. The following are four property management productivity tips you can adopt to boost productivity.

Devise clear channels of communication

You need a solid communication platform in order to effectively communicate with the property owners and tenants. Likewise, the owners and tenants also need to know how best to contact you. The use of internet portals allows you to easily manage all your communications. If a new tenant has queries regarding the rules of a given property or the tenant is unsure when the next maintenance servicing is slated, they can simply communicate to you via this portal. With online portals, gone are the times you would search for missing emails or information on a spreadsheet.

Schedule routine maintenance

As a property manager, your task is to take of properties involved. One of the ways you can achieve this is to maintain consistency as far as property maintenance is concerned. Maintaining a routine maintenance schedule gives the impression to tenants that you actually care about their welfare. Moreover, it also gives them the peace of mind knowing early in advance when the next maintenance service will happen, so they hardly need to call you asking when it's scheduled to take place. Furthermore, a routine maintenance schedule helps you steer clear of what property managers hate the most: emergency repairs. Emergencies can derail your whole day. Even though emergencies do occur, you can avoid many of them by keeping track of routine maintenance schedule.

Keep contractors at arm's length

In the event of an emergency repair or maintenance request from your tenants, you need to know which contractors to contact who will help you deal with the situation at hand quickly and effectively. As a property manager, you should have the contact information of all the local contractors near each property as they are best suited to respond quickly to emergency situations.

Move rental payments online

When you need to get in touch with a tenant who's behind rent payments or reward renters who pay on time, the bottom line is you need to know each renter's payment status. It's quite stressful going through spreadsheets and tons of paperwork to ascertain who has paid rent and who hasn't. Instead, adopt a tenant portal to effectively track what's outstanding and what's settled when. By resorting to online rental payments, tenants have the freedom of choice to pay with their preferred mode of choice.