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How to Help Your Elderly Relative Move

If you have an elderly relative who is moving, whether to an assisted living community or simply relocating to a different home, you might have some concerns with how they will get it all done. Here are some different ways you can help them move.

Start Organizing and Sorting Months Ahead of Time

Seniors often have difficulty with sorting the items they will bring with them to their new home along with organising belongings during the packing process. You can help your relative by helping with this process, but make sure you start as early as possible. Sorting their belongings can take a long time, especially if they are planning on relocating to a home that is considerably smaller than their current home. It is a good idea to go to their new home to take measurements or at least find out about the basic layout so you can help your loved one decide what furniture they can bring along and what might need to be left behind.

Pack Up Less Sentimental Items First

Another struggle with elderly persons moving is that they sometimes have difficulty packing up sentimental items. To avoid emotional turmoil while packing up what might be a home they have lived in for a long time, start in areas of the home with no sentimental attachment. For example, you can start going through their boxes in the garage, packing up items in the basement, or going through the bathrooms. Areas like the bedrooms and boxes of personal items in the attic tend to have more sentimental items, so you might want to leave these for last.

Don't Deny The Items They Want to Hold Onto

There are going to be some items your relative simply refuses to let go of, even though it isn't logical for them to bring the items to their new home. If the items absolutely won't fit in their new home, don't just tell them they have to get rid of it. This can be really hard for someone who might have a lot of memories associated with their belongings. Instead of being too harsh, offer to store the items elsewhere, either in your own garage or by getting them a self-storage unit.

Hire Full-Service Movers

The great thing about full-service movers is that they not only move furniture and boxes, but they also help to pack the boxes. You can help your relative go through their stuff, sort items, and get rid of what they aren't going to bring to the new home or a storage unit, but you can then have the full-service movers actually pack the boxes. They will also disassemble furniture items in the home, move all the boxes and furniture, then re-assemble the furniture. You can then unpack the boxes in the new home and help your relative put the items away.