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3 Hip Features To Incorporate Into Your Brand New Home

When you decide to build your own home, there's a strong possibility that you plan to live in it forever. Building your own home gives you the flexibility to create a space that meets everything you've ever desired. This creative guide helps you plan some hip fixtures when working with new home builders to design the living space of your dreams.

Kitchen Island To Complement Your Working Benchtop

If you like the idea of entertaining family and friends while cooking, then you may want to integrate a visually appealing kitchen island to complement your existing work benchtop. This dual workspace idea enables people to help you in the kitchen without getting in your way. You can integrate all kinds of workspace features into the kitchen island — from sinks and stoves to cutting stations and heating appliances. Alternatively, you can use it for creating ample storage space based on your desires.

Skylights For Walk-In Wardrobes

The idea of walk-in wardrobes is appealing to anyone because it means that you can store your precious designer clothes and shoes as luxuriously as possible without worrying about small spaces. But wardrobes tend to be dark spaces that require ample artificial lights because they don't normally have windows. Powering these lights regularly could end up pushing your electricity bills upwards. Consider integrating skylights over your walk-in wardrobe spaces to invite natural light easily into them. This not only reduces your reliance on artificial lights, but also saves you money in energy bills in the long run. You can work with your new home builders to integrate this feature into other areas of your home where you want more natural light.

Create A Children/Pet Clean Room

Kids and pets spend a lot of time playing outdoors, which means that they can come into your home dirty and full of mud. To protect your brand new interiors from dirt, you can incorporate a clean room for kids and pets, which can accommodate things like muddy shoes and dirty clothes temporarily. You can also install a sink or a small bathing area to clean your kids or pets before they enter into the main house. The best part is that you can close off this area to ensure that it is unnoticeable to visitors. Your maintenance task just got easier with this special room. Once the room has played out its utility, you can always convert it into a small entertainment space for everyone in your family.

The best part is that you don't have to have a big budget to integrate these hip features into your building plans when you work with your new home builders.