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Tips for Creating a Small Yet Spacious and Functional Home

Smaller homes are quite popular these days, as homeowners are considering the energy consumption needed for larger homes and for maintaining rooms they might never use. While a smaller home can be more cost-efficient, you may also want to ensure it feels spacious and functional. Your home builder can assist with ideas for how to create a smaller home that still offers everything you need, but note a few tips you might discuss with him or her as well.

Forego the unnecessary

Do you often soak in an actual bathtub? If not, a smaller walk-in shower space may be sufficient. If you don't store canned goods and other such items, you might forego a pantry altogether and just use cabinets in the kitchen. You may not need a full office if you work from a small tablet at home; a desk space built into a wall that takes up only a few feet or meters may be what's needed. Sit down with your home builder and look at every feature of your potential new home and eliminate the spaces and materials that are truly unnecessary for you.

Leave no space unused

Can your home builder add storage areas right into the floor of your home? Is there space under an open staircase that is just wasted? Do kitchen cabinets go all the way to the ceiling and are there cutouts in the bathroom walls or kitchen walls that can be used for toiletries, accessories, books, and the like? Scour every spare space of your potential new home and note if it's being used for storage or just being wasted.

Use rollout items

A set of shelves that rolls into and out of a wall can be used for storage and may include a lower shelf that works as a desk; you can then push it back into the wall when not in use. A TV shelf that pushes into the ceiling also gets it out of the way when you're not using it. Murphy beds that fold into the wall can help a room double as a bedroom and then a seating area or office during the day. Consider how furniture items rollout, fold up, or otherwise can be put away when not needed for function and space.

Scale down

Have your home builder design a more narrow staircase for a two-story home. Use apartment-sized appliances if you don't need full-size appliances. Build a bench along one kitchen wall, which might need less space than a set of chairs. By scaling down the items you want or need, your home can be smaller but you don't miss out on any function or style.