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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Residential Cleaning Service

Hiring a cleaning service can do more than just give you extra time in your schedule every day; it can mean a more thorough cleaning for your home and a more hygienic environment for your family. When you do hire a residential cleaning service, note a few questions to ask so you know you're prepared for their work and know what's involved in hiring them.

Ask how the home needs to be prepared for their visit

You may not think to pick up clutter including toys and clothes when your cleaning service visits, but note that those workers may not pick up those items when vacuuming or wiping down tables. The more clutter you remove, the more through the cleaning job overall. You may also be required to have pets out of the home or secure behind a gate; dog bites and other such injuries may be your responsibility when it comes to medical bills and other expenses. You may also find that some cleaning services simply won't enter the home if they see pets are not secured.

Ask what is not included in their visit

Never assume that a cleaning service will do laundry or dishes or even empty a dishwasher. They also may not wipe down the inside of cupboards or clean baseboards or windows. Very often, they also don't clean blinds or the inside of the refrigerator. Don't assume that a cleaning means that your entire home will be cleaned from top to bottom, but be sure you know exceptions to their service and know if some of these services are available but for an extra fee.

Ask if you can provide special instructions

Some cleaning services will allow you to give special instructions on how you want items cleaned, but note that many services cannot send the same workers to your home repeatedly. The service may make notes for their cleaners when it comes to your special instructions but may request that you also leave a note for them when they arrive for each visit. This will ensure that those instructions are exact and precise. Some services may also limit the special instructions you're allowed to give their cleaners, as trying to give too many special instructions might mean that you are not always happy with how things are cleaned. Whatever their policy, be sure you understand if they allow this and how those special instructions should be communicated so the work is done to your specifications.

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