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How to Prepare for Moving House with Children

Moving can be stressful at the best of times, so moving with kids could seem like an impossible challenge. You might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff you need to pack, unsure how to organize everything, and worried about settling in at your new place. Stay calm. By following the advice below, you'll save yourself time and energy while packing, won't have a nightmare trying to sort things out once you've moved, and will be well prepared for the first night in your new home.

Have a clear out

Kids grow out of things so quickly that there's a good chance you're holding onto plenty of stuff you don't really need to take with you. Tackle clothes first, as these are the easiest. Anything that doesn't fit your child and can't be handed down to younger siblings should be got rid of. Clothes in good condition can be donated to charity, while more worn garments should be recycled.

When it comes to toys, things can get a little more challenging. Kids often cycle through a lot of interests, and their favourite toys may change. Try setting some rules - if it hasn't been played with in the last four months, it should go. For a more lenient approach, try giving each child a container and telling them to fill it with only their most favourite items.

Label boxes by bedroom

You might think that you'll remember where everything has been packed, but that's rarely the case when it comes to moving in day! Label boxes by bedroom and try to keep things in logical piles. For example, all bedding should be kept together in one box, clothes in another, and toys in another. This makes unpacking much easier. Make your labels as descriptive as you can, especially if there are any items you know your kids will be desperate for straight after moving in. For example, 'Kate's room—favourite teddy bears.'

Pack a 'first night' suitcase

If you're relocating long distance you might not be moving all of your possessions on the same day as you move in. Make sure you pack a first night box or suitcase that contains everything you'll need to eat, sleep and relax on your first evening in your new home. This could include tinned food that's easy to cook - but don't forget a pan and can opener. You might also need sleeping bags, if your new house isn't furnished, plus pyjamas for everyone and clothes for the next day. This first night can be stressful for kids, so bring along some distracting activities, like board games, and try to make it fun for them. Hire a reliable removalist to ensure that you'll be reunited with all of your possessions as soon as possible.