3 Strategies For Planning Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

With the median Australian house price at $658,608, you don't want to make mistakes when you buy a new home. Failure to inspect the home properly may set you back tens of thousands of dollars in pest control and renovation costs — money you simply don't have after paying a fortune for your new home. Pre-purchase building inspections can take the bite out before you buy by thoroughly inspecting the property to look for signs of damage and imperfections. [Read More]

Tips for Creating a Small Yet Spacious and Functional Home

Smaller homes are quite popular these days, as homeowners are considering the energy consumption needed for larger homes and for maintaining rooms they might never use. While a smaller home can be more cost-efficient, you may also want to ensure it feels spacious and functional. Your home builder can assist with ideas for how to create a smaller home that still offers everything you need, but note a few tips you might discuss with him or her as well. [Read More]

3 Hip Features To Incorporate Into Your Brand New Home

When you decide to build your own home, there's a strong possibility that you plan to live in it forever. Building your own home gives you the flexibility to create a space that meets everything you've ever desired. This creative guide helps you plan some hip fixtures when working with new home builders to design the living space of your dreams. Kitchen Island To Complement Your Working Benchtop If you like the idea of entertaining family and friends while cooking, then you may want to integrate a visually appealing kitchen island to complement your existing work benchtop. [Read More]

Strata And Company Title: 3 FAQs For Property Buyers

If you're planning to buy a single unit or multiple units in an apartment complex, you should know a thing or two about strata title and company title. The answers to the three questions discussed below provide a brief introduction. What Is Strata/Company Title? These are the two forms of property ownership available to investors like you. Under strata title, the apartment block is owned/managed by a body corporate. Once you pay for the preferred unit(s), you'll be issued with a title deed that gives you legal ownership of the unit(s). [Read More]