Property Managers | 3 Clever Tactics To Protect Your Interests When You Allow Pets Into Your Investment Property

With nearly 63 percent of Australian households owning pets, nearly 25 million pets exist in the country. If you decide to allow pets in your rental property, then you have the opportunity to broaden the number of people targetted by you or your property managers. But many landlords are worried about the damage caused by pets. This guide offers you clever tactics to protect your own interests when you allow pets into your investment property. [Read More]

Four Things Landlords Need to Know About Asbestos Management

If you own investment real estate that you rent out, you should understand the rules, regulations and industry expectations regarding asbestos. Wondering what you need to know? Here's what to consider: 1. Commercial landlords have strict requirements related to asbestos detection, disclosure and management. If you are a commercial landlord, meaning you rent out spaces to businesses including offices, retail establishments, restaurants and similar entities, you have to be compliant with strict asbestos regulations. [Read More]

How to Help Your Elderly Relative Move

If you have an elderly relative who is moving, whether to an assisted living community or simply relocating to a different home, you might have some concerns with how they will get it all done. Here are some different ways you can help them move. Start Organizing and Sorting Months Ahead of Time Seniors often have difficulty with sorting the items they will bring with them to their new home along with organising belongings during the packing process. [Read More]

4 productivity tips for property managers to adopt

Even as you focus on being productive, you can easily be weighed down by all of the numerous responsibilities as a property manager. Succeeding in property management doesn't only focus on working very fast, but also working efficiently. The following are four property management productivity tips you can adopt to boost productivity. Devise clear channels of communication You need a solid communication platform in order to effectively communicate with the property owners and tenants. [Read More]